Hygeia Health Coaching

Health coaching is a valuable addition to the lifestyle steps and strategies you’ve already tried, learned or practiced. Rather than telling/teaching, coaching starts with what matters most to you. Your coach helps hold the space where you can successfully navigate the road ahead.

Hygeia Coaches

Hygeia CoachingOur coaches are board certified Health and Wellness coaches or are therapists with additional certification in health coaching, positive psychology and/or mindfulness.

Hygeia Coaching Process

We encourage clients to clarify their wellbeing vision, often using self-assessments in the initial 1-3 coaching sessions. Coach and client select a “most important” long-term or 3-month behavioral goal. During subsequent sessions the client is encouraged to set supported action steps and build confidence accomplishing these steps to get to the goal. Using skillful methods, coach and client navigate to overcome barriers and accomplish the client’s specific goal. Once the first goal is met, we turn our attention to enhancing the next aspect of the wellness vision.

Our coaches have trained in diverse settings (Duke Integrative Health Coaching, Wellcoaches, The Flourishing Center, Coaches Training Institute, Georgetown’s Health and Wellness, Wellness Inventory Coaching); many also have other professional backgrounds (Social work/therapist, Registered Dietitian, Registered Nurse).

Questions & Answers

1. What brings people to coaching?

Many people come to coaching to feel better or to solve a current health issue.

Changing behaviors like eating healthier, moving well, reducing dependence on substances or boosting relationship health can all be improved using the clients wisdom and the coaching approach.

2. How does coaching differ from therapy or nutrition care?

The approach with coaching is positive and builds on the clients strengths to make improvements.

Coaching focuses on taking action steps to change behavior. In some parts of healthcare, the focus is of necessity problem oriented. With coaching, the client:

-sets the vision for what they want and agenda
-taps their own strengths
-comes up with their own action steps with the guidance of the coach..often finding methods and solutions a healthcare provider wouldn’t.

Although therapists use many of the same communication skills that coaches do, dealing with overcoming the past is more likely to be done when needed in a therapy session, whereas with coaching, it’s mostly forward-focused.

3. What does it cost?

Prices for individual coaching range from ($110 to $160) for an initial visit.

Subsequent sessions are generally $75-110 depending on duration.

-Bundled packages allow for targeted results and include 6 or 13 session bundles. Spreading coaching visits over 6 months is recommended for the best outcomes.

-Hygeia Wellness Park also offers a do-it-yourself or partner coaching class option, How to be your own Health Coach. This option includes a little individual and group coaching as part of the course.

Presentations- We enjoy offering presentations or webinars in healthcare, academic, and corporate settings. Our topics include areas of self-care and emotional wellbeing. Attendees leave our sessions feeling inspired and empowered.