We offer group or corporate presentations, classes for individuals and also health coaching.


We enjoy offering presentations or webinars in healthcare, academic, and corporate settings. We recognize:

  • gaining and training team members is better when employee/associates feel their best
  • retention of great people in the workforce is an issue for companies large and small
  • mental health concerns influence at least one in five Americans including those in the workplace
  • employee physical health concerns (ex: obesity and low back pain to physical or mental health days taken away from work), add up, contributing to the indirect cost of ill health.

We’re happy to consult with you on your specific training needs. Here are some examples of presentations we’ve provided:

  • Strategies to Reboot your Wellbeing
  • Real Life Mindfulness
  • Care for the Caregiver
  • Managing Shame-Based Thinking
  • Gut, Brain, and Heart Health Hacks
  • Empowering Your Life and Health

Please let us know if you’re interested in hosting a presentation in your workplace, non-profit, or school. If you’d like to consult with us about your training need please contact us.

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Classes & Training

We aim for the Hygeia classes to foster your wellbeing and support your development in the directions you choose. We distill knowledge and practical skills using guidance from experts around the world. Our aim is to provide consistently high quality services.

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Hygeia Health Coaches partner with you to serve as a guide and skillful companion on your health journey. We believe you are the wisdom keeper and hold the keys to your own wellbeing.  Your past experiences and personal strengths are assets. You and your coach clarify what matters most in your life, establishing a vision for wellbeing that reflects the life and health you most want for yourself at this stage of life. We bring the science and skills of behavior change and positive psychology to assist you in achieving your health goals.

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At Hygeia Wellness Park, you may choose to:


The best routes to maximize health in 9 aspects of healthy living


The best routes to maximize health in 9 aspects of healthy livingIn positive practices such as mindfulness; flourishing strategies; moving well; wholesome eating; balancing finances; or sustainable living


In classes or workshops to integrate your wellbeing


With a personal health and wellness coach or mindfulness coach


Products that help boost health as shared in the classes and practices


Additional resources for optimum health