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Learn tenets of positive psychology and wellbeing science to allow you to thrive and flourish in your life.


Developing Growth Mindset with Carole Dweck PhD

How Mindset Matters with Alia Crum PhD

Self-compassion with Kristen Neff PhD

Skills & Practices

Self-compassion with Kristen Neff PhD

Gratitude with Brother David Steindl-Rast

Healthy MindHealthy Mind

Interrupt and redirect unhelpful patterns of thinking and doing. Learn ways to train your brain to promote resilience, happiness and wellbeing.


Explore Your Amazing Brain with Rick Hanson PhD

How Mindfulness Changes the Emotional Life of our Brains with Richard J. Davidson PhD

Skills & Practices

Brain Reboot with Anna Delong LCSW

Body Scan with Anna Delong LCSW

Healthy Minds Innovations (app)


Nurture your mind and body with wholesome foods that bring mental clarity and physical wellbeing.


Healthy Nutrition with Dean Ornish MD

Eat for Real Change with Joanna McMillan PhD

Plant-Based Eating

Eat and Grow Your Own Food – Sharon Palmer RD

Diet and Mental Health with Felice Jacka PhD

Skills & Practices

Assess your diet: Australian Eating Index

Recipes/food prep with Sharon Palmer RDN

Hunger-fullness audio practice with Cynthia Moore RDN

Moving WellMoving Well

Discover enjoyable movement opportunities and learn how movement builds your strength, flexibility and endurance while supporting your physical and emotional wellbeing.


Physical Activity for Americans

Hatha Yoga, one of the aspects of yoga

Skills & Practices

Hatha Yoga class Video

Yoga for bone health/Dr. Fishman Video

Bodyweight Strength Video

Weight WellnessWeight Wellness

Nourish a healthy relationship with food and weight through supportive patterns of eating, moving, mindset and emotional awareness.


The Mindful Diet, Ruth Wolever PhD and Beth Reardon RDN

Intuitive Eating with Evelyn Trimbole RDN

Eating Disorder Recovery – books

Duke Diet and Fitness Center

Skills & Practices

Financial WellbeingFinancial Wellbeing

Take practical steps to achieve financial stability and security that will allow you to cultivate other forms of abundance.


Coming Soon!

Skills & Practices

Healthy RelationshipsHealthy Relationships

Cultivate skillful relationship strategies to help you experience meaningful connection with yourself and others.


Couple Relationships with Harville Hendricks PhD and Helen Hunt PhD

Science of Love with John Gottman PhD

Presence and Parenting with Dan Siegel MD, PhD

Skills & Practices

Self-compassion audio practice with Kristen Neff PhD

Loving Kindness audio practice with Anthony DeMauro PhD

Caregiver, Grace meditation with Anna Delong, LCSW

Restoring HealthRestoring Health

Take back your health! Learn why it’s never too late to make a course correction that puts you on the path toward greater health, vitality and life satisfaction.


Cancer prevention

Prevent diabetes, diabetes prevention program

Understanding Insulin Resistance

Skills & Practices

Yoga Nidra/deep relaxation audio with Cynthia Moore RDN, c-IAYT

Sustainable LivingSustainable Living

Take small steps towards living lightly on the earth by practicing conservation, awareness and compassion.


Coming Soon!

Skills & Practices

Additional Resources/Hotline Numbers

If you have immediate mental or physical health concerns

• dial 911
• go to an emergency room or
• contact one of these resources depending on your need

National Domestic Violence Prevention

Shelter for Help in Emergency

24/7 Crisis line

National Suicide Prevention

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

National Domestic Violence Prevention Hotline
24/7 Crisis line text 741741 (US & Canada)