Beth Frackleton is UVA-WorkMed’s Chronic Care Coach. She has a BSN (from UVA) and a Masters in Counseling. In addition, she was among the first cohorts in the country to become Nationally Board Certified as a Health and Wellness Coach. Beth is a certified personal trainer and a medical yoga instructor. In her role as Chronic Care Coach, she triages all potential clients, provides health and wellness coaching, and facilitates referrals to other resources including, but not limited to: Hoos Well, IM-Rec, Nutrition Services, FEAP as well as the full spectrum of Health System resources. The ultimate goal of this service is to help improve the health and wellness of our University community by assisting team members and their family to be as healthy as they can be. Beth has served as the Chronic Care Coach at UVA since 2014. Prior to coming to UVA, she spent 20 years working in mental health including being the Director of Acute Psychiatric Services at Virginia Baptist Hospital.

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