Anna DeLong has been employed at the University of Virginia in various roles for nearly 25 years and also has 15 years experience in private practice. Anna is currently a Clinical Lead and Consultant with the Faculty and Employee Assistance Program at UVA. In this role Anna provides supervision, individual counseling, couples sessions, debriefings, as well as webinars and classes on various topics related to neuroscience and wellbeing. Anna has expertise in Mindfulness, Insight Dialogue, Interpersonal Presence, Sustaining Compassion, and the Mind Body connection. Anna is most passionate about sharing research-based, well-being tools in ways that are applicable to everyday life with a goal of supporting her clients in living and working with more ease. In addition to webinars, Anna offers individual and small group coaching on topics such as Managing Shame Based Thoughts, Engaging Value Driven Communication, Trainable Skills of Well-being, Self-Compassion, Self-Care, Healing and Enhancing Relationships, as well as Self-Empowerment. Anna believes in the resiliency of the human spirit and in the power of these skills, and tools to make the difference between living your life as a feather bounced around at the whim of the wind, or as an eagle who respects and works with the wind to soar on a path of intention and purpose.

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