About Us

Hygeia Wellness Park:

Hygeia classes and positive skills guide and support individuals on their personal health and wellbeing journey.

“We aim to bring together learners and teachers to engage, interact, and lift each other up while spreading positive energy that improves our own lives and the world around us. Now, more than ever, the ripples of positive care for ourselves and each other are so needed.”

Cynthia, Mary, and Anna

Hygeia - Goddess of Mental and Physical Health

Who Was Hygeia?

Hygeia was the Greek Goddess of Mental and Physical Health. She was one of the daughters of Asclepius, the Greek “Father” of Medicine.

Hygeia Wellness Park Hygeia Wellness Park

The idea for Hygeia Wellness Park was sparked in the mid-1990’s when Cynthia Moore, then the nutritionist at the Greenbrier Clinic, Spa and Resort in West Virginia, envisioned ways people could come and learn healthy self-care in high quality, trustworthy settings. The name Hygeia comes from the Greek goddess of mental and physical health and embodies Cynthia’s vision of healthful resources focused on prevention and self-care.

Co-founders Mary Sherman and Anna Delong have helped shape the current mission and vision for service. Today, the Hygeia Wellness Park is a virtual experience where you can access high quality health resources, learn from online and in-person classes, and connect with others, including personal health coaches, for support on your journey towards vibrant, holistic health.

We invite you to join us in our Phase 1 where we’re sharing classes in some of the foundational components of healthy living: nutrition, healthy mind, and flourishing. In Phases 2 & 3 we expect to offer classes and resources in all areas of the Hygeia Wellness Wheel.


Cynthia MooreCynthia Moore, MS, RDN, CDCES, NBC-HWC, c-IAYT

Cynthia has worked in preventive care & therapeutic nutrition, spa, culinary, and medical education for over 30 years.

Cynthia is a registered dietitian/nutritionist, diabetes educator, and Duke-certified integrative health coach. For the last 25 years she has been involved in practical applications of positive neuroplasticity as a provider/facilitator of EBT-Emotional Brain Training, Nourishing Resilience, and researcher with mind-body skills. Cynthia holds BA and MS degrees in nutrition science and has enjoyed doing graduate coursework in counseling, mind-body skill regulation and pastoral counseling. She’s an instructor and yoga therapist in the Integral yoga tradition. Currently she serves as contracted faculty to Georgetown University and Techwerks for the Veteran’s Administration. Her nutrition and health coaching practice is in Charlottesille, Virginia.

I came to care about things we can do for ourselves to stay well.. by observing how self-care practices helped  my mother recover from mental illness when I was a teenager. I have found it fulfilling  to work in healthcare as a registered dietitian, diabetes educator, yoga instructor and health coach serving as a catalyst/coach/educator for others on their journey to greater wellbeing. I feel grateful you’re here looking at the HWP resources and classes during this exciting time!

Co-creating the Hygeia Wellness Park is on mission for me.  I also enjoy taking walks  in nature’s beauty, swimming/snorkeling, meditation, journaling  and family time. I love living in Virginia with my husband!

Mary ShermanMary Sherman, LCSW, CEAP, CAPP

Mary Sherman is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner, and a Certified Employee Assistance Professional with over 25 years of experience.

Mary Sherman has worked with the University of Virginia Faculty and Employee Assistance Program since 1996 and is in charge of Prevention and Resiliency training. She is also a Certified Bounce Back Better Resiliency Trainer as well as  trained as a professional coach. Mary has expertise helping employees build positive practices and resiliency skills, improve communication skills, balance work and home, manage stress, and increase happiness. She is a dynamic and engaging presenter on a variety of positive practices designed to enhance people’s overall well-being.  Mary is passionate about helping people be in their best space to benefit themselves and those around them.

Anna DeLongAnna DeLong, LCSW, CEAP, Mindfulness Teacher

Anna DeLong has worked with the University of Virginia Health Sciences Center, the Faculty and Employee Assistance program as well as is the Founder and Director of Mindful Options 4 Health.

Anna has accumulated more than 30 years of experience in her various roles as a Consultant, Trainer and Psychotherapist. In addition, she has been an avid Practitioner of Mindfulness since the early 90’s and is trained and sanctioned to teach Mindfulness by the UMASS Medical School. Anna is also a voracious student of neuropsychology and stays on top of evidence based strategies to promote wellness, healthy relationships and living with ease. She is passionate about sharing this empowering information with others and has developed workshops and programs on various wellness related topics. Anna is described as an amazing trainer who paves a path that is understandable, accessible, empowering and even entertaining along the way.